KB Kookmin Bank Co., Ltd. is a leading commercial bank in South Korea that has the largest number of branches in the industry and over 36 million customers equivalent to more than half of the nation’s population. The bank also stands as the leader in digital finance service by operating mobile platforms including Liiv and KB Star Banking with more than 17 million customers. It plays a key role in creating synergy among affiliates within KB Financial Group. For more information, please visit www.kbstar.com / www.kbfg.com.

KB Kookmin Bank Cambodia Plc., 100% owned by KB Kookmin Bank Co., Ltd., has presented in Cambodia financial market since May 2009. The number of customers has been increasing from year to year both individual and corporate along last 13 years. Business operation location has been expanded to closer to customers and service quality has also been conveniently improved. Customers’ and staff’s satisfaction always shall be the top priority of the bank. For more information, please visit https://kbglobal.kbstar.com.

You can learn about KB Financial Group via www.kbfg.com and its 11 subsidiaries as below link.