Employee Savings Account

A type of savings account that facilitates corporate customers to save various benefits to provide to their employees with high interest rate returns and ease of deposit or withdraw money.

FeaturesCorporate AccountEmployee Account
CurrencyKHR and USD#colspan#
Annual Interest6.50% (applicable for all currencies)#colspan#
Interest PaymentInterest is accrued daily and pay annually#colspan#
Withholding Tax#list#
– Resident 6%
– Non-resident 14%
Initial BalanceNot require
Minimum BalanceUSD 100 or KHR 400,000#colspan#
Dormancy fee– ≤ 01 year : USD 2 or KHR 8,000​
– > 01 – ≤ 05 years : USD 5 or KHR 20,000
– > 05 – ≤ 10 years : USD 10 or KHR 40,000
Account PassbookFee charge USD 3 / KHR12,000 (First or new printing, in case of missing or damaged or used all sheets)#colspan#
Account Information CardFree of charge for all requests
Account Opening#list#
– Request to open at all KB KPRASAC branch
– Require to sign on “Employee Savings Account Agreement
– Each company and employee must sign an agreement to transfer the right to manage the employee savings account
#rowspan#Open Employee Savings Account under the company nameOpen Employee Savings Account under employee name
– All KB PRASAC branch or via Cash Deposit Machine(CDM) or POS, KB PRASAC Mobile or other
– Interbranch transfer fee charged in case of cross-branch deposit request
– Made by transferring money from the company’s savings account into each employee’s savings account
– Free cross-branch fee for transferring money from company savings account to employee savings account
– Withdraw money at all branches and must have a permit from the company
– Withdraw money only at KB PRASAC counters
– Require beneficiary employees to withdraw money directly at KB PRASAC
– Cross-branch withdrawal charges based on interbranch money transfer fee
– Fee charge 0.25% of the amount requested for withdrawal (minimum KHR 40,000or USD 10) in case of request for withdrawal other than the above conditions for free withdrawal.
Account Closing#list#
– Request to close account at all branches
– Request to close the account must have a “Permit to withdraw / close Employee Savings Account” from the company
– Provide full interest rate of employee savings account in case of request to close the account according to the following favorable terms:
#rowspan#Corporate Account:
– Company declares bankruptcy or closes company
Individual Account:
– Termination of employment contract
– Death or disability or
– Have a serious accident or emergency
– Company declares bankruptcy or closes company
– Provide interest at the standard interest rate of the savings account for the last year, which is less than 01 year, in case of request to close the account other than the above favorable conditions.
Additional Offers#list#
– Request Account Statement: Free of charge
– Request for account balance certificate: KHR 40,000 or USD 10 per card
– Request to link Employee Savings Account as a legal entity account to KB PRASAC Mobile: Only allow access to “View Only” account
– Linking an Employee Savings Account Open to KB PRASAC Mobile: Not Allowed
– Attach the card: Not allowed (both savings accounts, employees are legal entities and individuals).


  • KB PRASAC reserves rights to change interest rate and fee with prior notice to the client as required by law.
  • Other terms and conditions apply.