FI Business Account

Reduce risk and increase your income by saving today at KB PRASAC Bank. You can deposit and withdraw cash easily via branch office nationwide, and deposit via cash deposit machine. More importantly, you do not need to pay for account opening fee, monthly maintenance fee; and you can make banking transactions such as bill payments and fund transfer via KB PRASAC Mobile and ATM with free of charge.

Interest Rate

Interest Rate per Annum1.50%1.50%

Product Features

Initial Deposit or Minimum BalanceNot required
Interest PaymentInterest is accrued daily and paid at the end of each month automatically into your account or when closing the account
Account Opening#list#
– All KB PRASAC Bank branch offices
– Individual Account: Single Account or Joint Account
– Corporate Account: Requires the formal decision from company’s board of directors base on its by-law.
– Via KB PRASAC Cash Deposit Machines 24/7
– At any KB PRASAC office during business hours
– Via KB PRASAC ATM 24/7
– At any KB PRASAC office during business hours
Fund Transfer#list#
– Self transfer via Mobile Banking or Internet Banking or ATM anytime and anywhere
– Fund transfer to non-account
– At any KB PRASAC office during business hours
– Fund transfer within KB PRASAC branches and across some banks and MFIs in Cambodia
Withholding Tax#list#
– Resident 4%
– Non-resident 14%
Account Information Card#list#
– Free of charge
Savings Passbook#list#
– KHR 12,000 or USD 3 for the first issuance or new request when lose or damage or full printing
Additional Service#list#
– No fee for the request of account statement, ATM card, and activates KB PRASAC Mobile
– KHR 40,000 or USD 10 for the issuance of a bank cheque or bank confirmation per 1 sheet

Account opening requirements

  • Any majorities (Khmer or Expatriate) whose age from 16 years old
  • Individual Account: A customer has to provide the original and valid identification document
  • Corporate Account: Related documents of institution, company, school or government entity
  • Customer has to have legal income generating activities, no crime convictions or other crimes


  • For individual and corporate clients except banks and financial institutions.
  • KB PRASAC reserves rights to change interest rate and fee with prior notice to the client as required by law.
  • Other terms and conditions apply.

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