Payroll service provides the convenience to employers, companies, enterprises, local and international organizations and other entities to pay salaries to staff, employees and workers in safe, transparent and time-saving manner. It also offers a great opportunity to staff to get more benefits in using products and services from KB PRASAC​ Bank. KB PRASAC offers ATM cards for free of charge to your staff for managing the cash through more than 100 ATM locations within 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In addition, the staff will be able to have Internet Banking and Mobile Banking for free; and they can use it for the settlement of electricity and water bills, fund transfer, cash-by-code, phone top-up and balance checking, etc.

Interest Rate and Fee

Descriptions Fee
Account Opening for Staff Free of Charge
Initial Deposit Not required
Offer ATM Card Free of Charge

Benefits for Employers

  • Saves time for employers, companies, local and international organizations
  • Provides convenience in paying salaries to employees with transparency and avoids any cash confusion
  • Provides the employees a modern style by using of banking services
  • Easy to manage saving balance of the company

Benefits for Staff, Employees and Workers

  • All staff will have the personal account with KB PRASAC
  • Earn interest from their deposit
  • Get an ATM card for free of charge
  • Secure cash in account
  • Be able to withdraw cash, settle electricity and water bills, top-up the phone, check account balances and other services
  • Free activation of Internet Banking or Mobile Banking; and can perform the settlement of electricity and water bills, top up the phone, check account balances and other services